following just 2 weeks of treatment

Clinical data shows...

89% positive response rate

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Find out more about MyoWorx concussion treatment.

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MyoWorx treatment can
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Find out more about MyoWorx concussion treatment.

so you can get better faster.

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Our vision is that MyoWorx will soon be available to more and more clinics.

Measurable Results

Ongoing clinical research data currently showing that 89% of patients improve with treatment.

Technology of the TM20

A patented device that delivers a specified sequence of electrical frequencies in a timed manner.

Proven concussion treatment…

Listen to Lauren’s story and many others who have experience relief from concussion symptoms. We have collected the personal stories and results of hundreds of people who have been helped, after having not received help elsewhere. See their stories and if you can identify with them!

Isn’t about time you feel better?

How do you know if you have a concussion?

We’ve created this handy guide to concussion symptoms…

Check out which clinics are currently offering the MyoWorx Concussion treatment to treat your concussion symptoms. We want YOU to feel better and be able to live a pain-free life again. Click HERE to learn where the MyoWorx treatment is offered.concussion symptoms